What is the difference between a voice teacher and a vocal coach?

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What is the difference between a voice teacher and a vocal coach?

It is obvious that many people make use the terms “voice teacher” and “voice coach” interchangeably. But the real fact is that both the terms do not mean the same and the two words have entirely different meanings.

In this post let us find out what a vocal coach and a voice teacher do, let’s analyze the importance of these two people in singing field and also we shall state out the clear difference between a voice teacher and a vocal coach.

Voice teacher and his key role

A voice teacher is the person who works in the voice of the students. They concentrate particularly on the vocal health which is the key determining factor to make the singer to sing admirably. This voice teacher also works upon the things such as

  • voice teacherRange
  • Accuracy on notes
  • Breath control
  • Head and chest voice
  • Tone production and resonance
  • Pitch control
  • Musical intonations
  • Words clarification

These voice teachers also have another name and it is singing teacher as they focus on the singing techniques. These teachers can be seen in a music college or a university as a faculty or in a private studio.

Also it is said that the voice teachers undergo a study named pedagogy which is related to the study to teach singing.

It is not compulsory to undergo this study as the voice teachers can also have a little formal and practical training. They train the students at all age and they also start teaching the beginners.

Vocal coach or singing coach

Vocal coach is the one who is usually a pianist and he knows the exact repertoire. He plays a very important role in helping the students to make best selection.

A student can get the guidance of the vocal teacher to choose the exact song which suits his voice and the vocal teacher chooses the appropriate song which suits the student’s age, voice type and technical abilities.

In a music industry the work done by singing teacher or vocal coach will be similar but when the singers understand their semantics then it will be easier for them to differentiate the works done by these two professionals.

But the only common thing which can be noted is both of these professionals are hired to improve the singer’s efficiency and to achieve their goal easily. A singer must compulsorily hire these two professionals because without their guidance there will be chances to face vocal damage.  At lasts the singers can understand the meaning between voice teacher vs voice coach from the above said note worthy points.