What age should kids start voice lessons?

Teaching Children Music / Voice Lessons

What age should kids start voice lessons?

Every child loves to sing and get more eager about learning it in a proper way and to get better at it. Most of the parents believe that learning music will be better by hiring a tutor who is expert in music.

This is not a bad strategy and the question will be being at what age should kids start voice lessons? The answer to this question is children who are above 5 years. Because at that time only kids can understand and grasp the thing they learn about.

Mostly everyone will get better at singing when they sing with the person who is good at singing. We will learn their good habits and will try to sing in their voice and rhythm.

So when you start voice lesson for children, they will quickly learn to sing. Also by singing together with a music expert, your kid will learn easily without frustration. They will enjoy singing and it will be much easier for a kid to learn.

It is the best to begin the voice lesson for a child is once their voice is more grounded and starts to speak every word clearly. Even the children at young age love to learn singing but a focused lesson which focuses on the vocal technique will be extremely tough at young age.

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It is better to start the singing with the piano or the keyboard because once the child gets thorough of the notes; they will begin to sing without mistakes.

At the age of 11 or 12, most children’s voice will be going under the process of drastic changes which is being influenced by the hormones.

Like the other areas of early stage of childhood, music will take time and requires a very good experience which includes listening to the music and responding to it through singing.

voice lessonsSome of the children will have interest on music right from the birth and they need less help and guidance to reach a good place.

We should begin singing lesson for children once they get matured and get interest on singing. The main six strategies which will help a child to discover their singing voice are listed below:

  • Encourage their vocal exploration
  • Make them sing alone and also with others
  • Use call and response songs
  • Match the child’s pitch for solo singing
  • Get a good music tutor
  • Cultivate listening skills and music development.