What is a good first instrument for a child?

Teaching Children Music

What is a good first instrument for a child?

When you are choosing for a good first instrument for a child, it should be easy for them to learn and they should not get frustrated.

Make your kids to learn the basic and the foundation of the instrument and the music they choose. There are some of the options of musical instruments which you can choose for your child and they are;

  • Ukulele
  • Piano
  • Xylophone


This is considered as one of the easiest instrument for kids to learn. It is less in cost when compared to the other string instruments.


So at the starting stage of the child, they cannot handle guitar as it heavy in weight and also high in cost. But they can hold Ukulele easily because of its light weight and they love to play as the days goes by. It also comes in variety of fun colors, which will grab the attraction of the children.


Piano will be the best way to learn the structure of the music and its underlying theories. This will help the child to learn the notes and the basics of the basic.

Without learning the basics, they cannot play the piano. As the cost of the piano is higher and the parents might think they can’t afford it to a child

So at the starting stage they can learn with keyboard and once they grew up they can continue the music with the piano.


It is an easiest brand instrument to learn for a child. The best way to introduce your child into the world of music is this xylophone as it will be more fun with xylophone and every child will love it. Also it has only limited number of tones; it is suggested for the children as they can lean easily.