What is a better single or dual voice coil subwoofer?

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What is a better single or dual voice coil subwoofer?

Beginners to the latest collections of subwoofers get confused with loads of options. They require the complete guidelines to decide better single or dual voice coil subwoofer at this time.

They have to focus on the basics of the subwoofers at first and make certain about benefits of a good combination of subwoofers in detail.

The voice coil is an important element of the subwoofer of the vehicle. This component is useful a lot for generating sound waves from the input signals.

Two types of voice coils in our time are single and double voice coils. The choice on the voice coil affects the efficiency as well as performance of the subwoofer of the vehicle.

Consider important things

Individuals who consider everything related to the single vs dual voice coil subwoofer these days get the complete assistance and make positive changes in their approach to prefer and invest in the suitable voice coil on time. You may do not have proficiency about basics of the voice coil and think about how voice coil works.

A voice coil is a wire which is firmly attached to the loudspeaker’s cone in a subwoofer. The lightweight materials like flattened ribbon wire and bobbin are used to make this product so as to provide the high-frequency sounds.

The voice coil draws current from the amplifier and creates the magnetic field which reacts to the permanent magnet which is fixed to the speakers. This process causes all the cones to move and make a wave which is converted to sound.

The structure is an important factor to consider while comparing dual voice coil vs single voice coil subwoofers in detail.

A single voice coil involves a scenario where a coil is wrapped around the former. There is a positive and a negative end in this system.

However, dual voice coil subwoofers have two different coils properly wrapped around the former. There are two positive and negative terminals in this system.


The flexibility while handling different ohm levels is one of the main benefits for users of the dual voice coil subwoofer when compared to the single coil subwoofer.

The dual voice coil can be wired to two or eight ohms based on the system. On the other hand, the wiring of the single voice coil can be done at a specific ohm level.

Dual voice coils subwoofers let the multiple connection of subwoofers to one amplifier. However, a single voice coil subwoofer does not offer this option.