What to Do With Old Stereo Receivers

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What to Do With Old Stereo Receivers

As per the EPA, in 2007, the American people poured 2,2 million tons of electrical waste, which includes all the modern stereo receivers, into urban landfills. The stereo receivers discarded in landfills used components such as lead, nickel, mercury, and cadmium. These items represent a risk to humans and the atmosphere if they are not adequately disposed of.

Recycling is a safer option for the disposal of stereo receivers. This is attributed to a metric ton of circuit boards holding between 40 and 800 times the gold ore extracted in the U.S. This very same metric ton is 30 to 40 times the volume of copper ore. If you are confused, what should you do with old stereo receivers? Then there are two ways to dispose of them or recycle them. Both are discussed below in the following guide.

Old Stereo Receiver

Four Steps to Dispose of the Receivers?

Step 1

Sell it back stereo receivers to the nearest pawn store, the Internet reselling list, or the newspaper’s classified column.

Step 2

Donate stereo receivers to a nearby donation shop or Goodwill. Notify the Thrift Shop or Goodwill to schedule a pick-up or set drop-off times.

Step 3

Recycle stereo receivers at a nearby recycling plant. The EPA shall include a directory of websites providing details on electronic recycling. (See resources for this)

Step 4

Disposal of a non-working stereo receiver at the nearest household hazardous waste disposal site if recycling is not eligible. Contact the Public Works Department of the City to decide the venue, dates, and times of the whole drop-off.

How to Recycle the Receivers?

Some Receiver companies allow you to buy or lease the receiver whenever you subscribe to the satellite television service. Suppose you have bought your receivers and replaced your hardware or abruptly canceled your receiver service. In that case, you will be able to recycle your receivers.

Notify the receiver’s company that you no longer need the receiver so that the corporation will delete it from the bill. Then you can check your choices for how to get second life for old AV gear and minimize the volume of waste that ends up in the ocean. Get your receivers to your nearest Best Buy or RadioShack shop.

Best Buy and RadioShack embrace nearly all recycled electronics. Electronics stores shall submit the receivers to something like a recycling center for processing if the receivers are also not current sufficiently to be restored and marketed as renovated versions or cannot be used for components.

Please contact the local city’s recycling center to ask if you can place your DirecTV receiver outside for onboard recycling. You will get the receiver picked up like the other home recyclables if it supports tiny electronics. If this is not the case, the city should be able to lead you to a nearby drop-off location that takes electronics.