Can others hear your bone conduction headphones?

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Can others hear your bone conduction headphones?

Most frequently asked question which can be seen around the bone conduction headphones is that whether the sound or the music produced through the bone conduction headphone can be heard by others while using it.

The actual answer for this common question is that in most of the cases, the bone conduction headphones are entirely silent to the people around the user.

It is because they generally vibrate on the bones of the human and it sends information without creating sound. Only case when the sound will be heard out is that when the user keeps the volume at a higher range.bone conduction headphones

Exact difference and sound quality

Unlike the other earphones which transmit sounds via air in bone conduction headphones sound is being transmitted through the cheekbones of the human.

This will be the exact difference between the normal headphones and the bone conduction headphones and because of this cause the sound is totally silent for the people around the user and also the bone conduction headset sound quality is in comparable with other types.

But when the music is played with bass it’s sure that the vibration will create mild sound which can be heard by the outsiders imperceptibly.

The inducing reason to use this particular headphone is that they skip the eardrum of the humans and they never push the sound into air. This particular feature allows sound quality of bone conduction headphones to be the best when compared with other types.

Music with bone conduction headphones

Analyze your actual need

All these astonishing factors will really tempt you to buy this type but before rushing to the shop think of your basic needs to buy this headphone. If you have anyone of following three important wants, then hurry up to buy this headphone available in market.

  1. Want to bypass the hearing loss
  2. Want to hear your surroundings when listening to the music
  3. Want to use it even during the working hours

Music with bone conduction headphones are also said to be in high quality because they take the more direct route unlike the other headphones.

The methodology used in this particular headphone type is also used in the up gradation of the hearing aid devices for several decades.

Though having many astonishing benefits, there are also certain demerits which are said to be tolerable by the users.

One important demerit can be when it passes through the bones it creates mild vibrations which creates an irritating feel for some users. If this problem is not a matter for the user, then he can enjoy using this at any time in their day to day life.