What is the High School Democrats of America?

by Jordan Rasmusson

We sat down recently with the Executive Director and National Committee Chair of the High School Democrats as well as a member of the National Youth Association Board of Directors, Jordan Rasmusson, for a quick interview of what the High School Dems is all about.

What do you do at the High School Democrats of America (HSDA)?

Currently, I have the pleasure of serving as the executive director and national committee chair for HSDA. Basically, my job is to direct the national staff and run the day-to-day operations. I also work with state and local leaders from across the country to build local chapters and facilitate opportunities between our membership and the Democratic Party.

What’s so great about HSDA?

HSDA gives students the tools and opportunities to get a head start in the world of politics and really make a positive difference, despite many of us not being able to vote. Annually, the Young Democrats of America, our parent organization, puts on a high school leadership academy in our nation’s capital. Last summer, the leadership academy participants were able to do everything from receive a White House briefing on youth issues to take a D.C. trolley ride. HSDA allows bright, passionate, young leaders to connect with other like-minded peers throughout the entire country. High School Democrats have been the margin of victory for many Democratic candidates, and we will continue to fight for our future.

How can I get involved with HSDA?

First go to www.hsdems.org and join online. Then, join a local chapter, or if your high school/community doesn’t have a chapter, you can start one! Send me an email at jrasmusson@hsdems.org, and I will give you our organizing manual and other resources to get you started. Also, volunteering with a local Democratic campaign or party unit is a great way to get involved.

How is HSDA run?

HSDA is the official High School caucus of the Young Democrats of America. A nationally elected executive board and a national committee, which consists of state caucus leadership, govern HSDA. However, most of the real work is done on the local and state level. Chapters are the core of HSDA, and they organize meetings and other activities, such as community service or campaign work.


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